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Harsingar Powder

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Country of Origin India
Specialities Non Harmful, No Artifical Color Added, Rich in Taste, Pure
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6 Month, 9 Month, 12 Month


  • Nutritional Value Of Harsingar The Leaves Of Harshingar Contains benzoic Acid, Fructose, Glucose, Carotene, Amorphous Resin, Ascorbic Acid, Methyl Salicylate, Tannic Acid, Oleanolic Acid And Flavanol Glycosides. The Flowers Are Very Beneficial As It Contains Essential Oils And Glycosides. The Seeds Contain Palmitic, Oleic And Myristic Acids.
  • Harshingar Is Also Known As Night Jasmine Or Parijat. It Is Loaded With Beneficial Qualities And Is Native To Southeast Asia And South Asia. It Is A Small Tree Or A Shrub Growing Up To 33 Feet Tall With A Grey Flaky Bark. The Leaves Are Quite Broad With A Margin. The Flowers Look Breathtaking With 5 To 8 White Corolla Petals, Having An Orangish-Red Centre.
  • The Fruit Which This Flower Bears Is A Brown Round To Heart Shaped Capsule Of 2 Cm Diameter Containing A Single Seed. This Flower Is Found In Abundance In West Bengal, India And Also In Kanchanaburi Province In Thailand. This Flower Loses Its Brightness During Daytime And Is Most Commonly Used As A Yellow Dye For Clothing.
  • Nutritional Value Of Harshingar
  • The Leaves Of Harshingar Contains benzoic acid, Fructose, Glucose, Carotene, Amorphous Resin, Ascorbic Acid, Methyl salicylate, tannic acid, Oleanolic Acid And Flavanol Glycosides. The Flowers Are Very Beneficial As It Contains Essential Oils And Glycosides. The Seeds Contain Palmitic, Oleic And Myristic Acids.
  • The Bark Of This Plant Is Useful Due To Its Alkaloids And Glycosides Content. The Extracts Of This Flower Posses Antifungal And Antiviral Properties. Apart From This Antileishmanial, Hepatoprotective And Immunostimulant Properties Are Also Present In It.


  • Provides Relief From Chikungunya And Dengue-Although chikungunya and Dengue Are Serious And People Suffering From It Need To Be Admitted In The Hospital Right Away , But Consuming Harsingar Can Provide Some Help And Reduce Symptoms Of These Diseases. During Such Diseases, The Platelet Count Of The Patient Deteriorates Rapidly. In Such Cases This Herb Can Be Used As A Remedial Measure To Increase The Blood Platelet Count As Quickly As Possible. Harsingar Along With Other Herbs Should Be Taken As A Decoction Or In The Crude Form To Provide The Best Results. According To Research, Difference In Dengue And Chikungunya Patients Can Be Seen As Soon As 3 Days. However, This Herb Should Be Consumed Regularly Without Fail To Make A Huge Difference.
  • Can Treat Arthritis-Arthritis Is Not Only Common Among Old Aged People But It Also Affects Young Adults Now Days. It Can Be Very Annoying And Can Make A Person Deviate From His Daily Activities. In Severe Cases, It Also Disrupts Sleep To A Certain Extent. In Such Conditions, Harsingar Should Be Consumed Due To Its Anti-Arthritic Properties To Reduce Inflammation And pain. It Is Recommended To Boil The Powder Extracted From Harshingar In A Cup Of Water And Consume It Immediately For Instant Relief. People Who Consumed It Regularly Usually Experience Relief After A Prolonged Usage Of This Herb.
  • Cures Malaria And Other Fevers-The Leaves Of Harshingar Is Used To Treat The fever which Occurs During Chronic Malaria. It Can Also Be Used As A Remedy For High Body Temperature, Diarrhea And nausea caused Due To Mosquito Bites. The Leaves Contain Beneficial Soothing And Healing Properties Which Make It Ideal To Get Rid Of Malaria Parasites. Prevents Radical Damage To The Body Health Issues And Aging Are Usually Caused Due To Radical Damage To The Cells Of Our Body. This Is Known As Oxidative Damage. To Prevent Such Damage, Antioxidants Are Required. Therefore, Harshingar Has Strong Antioxidants Which Can Easily Get Rid Of The Detrimental Effects Of Free Radicals. Other Than This, Harshingar Can Also Be Used To Prevent The Development Of cancer cells And Fights Early Signs Of Aging. The Essential Oils Extracted From Its Flowers Can Also Be Massaged On The Body To Keep It Healthy And Strong.
  • Anti-Allergic, Antiviral And Antibacterial Properties-Harshingar Oil Can Be Used To Fight Bacteria Such As E.Coli, staph Infection and fungal Infection. Additionally It Assists In Combating Encephalomyocarditis, Cardiovirus And Semliki Forrest Virus. It Can Also Be Used To Treat Skin Issues Such As blackheads and pimples.
  • Can Treat Cough-Persistent coughing can Be Caused Due To A Lot Of Reasons Such As smoking, bronchitis, Lung Problems Or Throat infection. It Can Be Very Annoying And Hampers Our Ability To Talk And Socially Interact With People. In Most Cases, Coughing Can Also Make One Unable To Get Sound Sleep And Lead To fatigue and stress. Harshingar Usually Helps In Relieving Cough And If Consumed Daily It Can Reduce The Symptoms To A Great Extent.
  • Combats Breathing Problems-Regular Consumption Of Harshingar Can Relieve asthma symptoms. Although It Doesn’t Cure Asthma, But It Does Reduce The Symptoms And Makes It Easier For A Person To Breathe Without Any Hurdle. Harshingar Contains Beneficial And Medicinal Properties To Provide Relief From Asthma Symptoms.
  • Acts As A Laxative-It Is A Proven Fact That Harshingar Helps To Deal With constipation. It Is A Substitute For Laxatives And Performs Much Better Than One. It Has Special Minerals In It, Which Facilitates The Regulation Of The Digestive System.
  • Prevents Gas-Gas Can Be Extremely Irritating And Can Cause Weakness, Stomach Ache And Even dizziness. Regular Consumption Of Harshingar Treats Gas Related Problems Easily.

Uses Of Harshingar

  • Harsingar Is Packed With Beneficial Uses Such As, It Helps Treat dandruff, Lice, vertigo and anxiety symptoms, Scurvy And acidity. Additionally It Also Treats high Blood Pressure, sciatica, Relieves menstrual Cramps and Is An Antidote To snake bites In Some Cases. This Herb Should Be Consumed If You Are Always Restless And Often Get panic attacks. According To Studies, Harshingar Also Alleviates Piles To A Certain Extent.
  • Allergies And Side-Effects Of Harshingar
  • Harshingar Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Fatal Side Effects, But Anything Consumed In Excess Can Be Very Detrimental For Health. Harshingar Has An Extremely Bitter Tastes, So For People Who Are Very Sensitive With Taste, Can Experience Slight nausea if They Cannot Bear The Taste.

It Shouldn’t Be Taken In Excessive Amount To Cure cough as It Can Prove Fatal To The Throat, It Should Be Taken Only After The Guidance Of An Ayurvedic Doctor For Cough Related Issues. The Tongue Can Also Become Yellow And Unattractive After Chewing The Leaves Of Harshingar


  • Bengali Name : Sheoli, Singhar, Shephalika
  • English Name : Night Jasmine, Night -flowering Jasmine
  • French Name : Jasmin De Nuit
  • German Name : Trauerbaum, Nachtjasmin
  • Gujarati Name : Harshangar
  • Hindi Name : Haar, Harsinghar, Harsingar
  • Kannada Name : Parijat
  • Latin Name : Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis Linn.
  • Marathi Name : Partak, Khurasali, Parijatak
  • Persian Name : Gulkamah
  • Punjabi Name : Kuri, Laduri, Pakar
  • Sanskrit Name : Parijataka, Parijata, Sephalika, Rajanikasa, Harshringar

Urdu Name : Harsinghar
The Flowers Are Anthelmintic, Antioxidant, Astringent To Bowels, Bitter, Carminative, Cholagogue, Hepatoprotective, Immunostimulant, Laxative And Stomachic. Useful In Haemorrhoids.

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